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Jem Broadway Magic Collage by AmmieChan
Jem Broadway Magic Collage
Another addition to my Jem costume collection. This dress according to the dress code label for the cartoon is called Broadway Magic. I made the dress from a hot pink taffeta. It has a foundation lining underneath in china silk and I manually hand pleated the front and back of the dress like the cartoon version. The top has an interfaced and boning structure for stability.  I added an invisible zipper up the side seam. My original zipper ran off it's track so I had to use a light pink zipper to complete the dress. 
The white ruffle is also hand pleated and sewn into the seams up the sides. This is probably one of the more complex Jem dresses I have made, this and Glitter N' Gold. 
This dress requires lots of maintenance with the pleats; they need to be pressed out each time before wearing.
The wig is still my Epic Cosplay wig in pink vanilla fusion. I cut the layers into it and added additional wefts for volume.
I wore this costume to Jemcon 2014.
My sister did the makeup for this one as well. I really like the contrast of the light pink makeup to the shade of pink in this dress.
Costume made/worn by :iconammiechan:
Makeup and photos done by my sister (Sarah)
Sailor Mars Collage by AmmieChan
Sailor Mars Collage
This is my basic Sailor Mars fuku that is swappable so the skirt, collar and bows are all removable and the bodysuits switch out for various versions (Super, crystal etc.)
I used a peau de soie satin for the red and purple portions and a high quality spandex for the bodysuit (it is also lined.)
The wig is a Zephyr wig in purple/black that I styled.
The only thing I would like to remake on this is the front bow. I was hoping to find a darker purple but this was the darkest I could find currently.
I am working on getting all my Sailor scout costumes photographed and uploaded. The next scouts I plan on getting photos of is Jupiter and Venus.
Costume made/worn by:iconammiechan:
Photos by IcePhoenix 
Jem Star Bright Costume Collage by AmmieChan
Jem Star Bright Costume Collage
I have a wardrobe full of Jem costumes, this is one of the variants. This is the stage costume called StarBright. I made the dress from a pink satin and a hot pink over layer of organza that has been ruched. I added a royal purple boa to front. Th star brooch is craft foam covered in gold glitter; it is removable from the dress.
The earrings were made from sculpy clay and pink glitter added for shimmer.
I love this particular stage dress and I was happy that I had most of the fabrics for this on hand already.
The makeup was done by my sister who is a pro. We decided to go with the really light pink eye shadow and lipstick like the cartoon version rather than the darker pink. She added some pink shimmer to eye shadow so it really sparkles in the light.
Costume made/worn by :iconammiechan:
Makeup and Photos by My sister (Sarah)
Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Collage #2 by AmmieChan
Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Collage #2
This was the other set of photos I got at Anime North 2014 with :icondammitjen: as Poison Ivy.
We had such a blast ding these photos (as you can see in the bottom left corner with piggy back rides!)
We found a really neat looking run down area that looked very fitting for a backdrop that could be believable for Harley and Ivy's secret hideout.
Photos by Belong Photography (Bri)
Harley costume made and worn by :iconammiechan:
Poison Ivy :icondammitjen:
Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon Crystal by AmmieChan
Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon Crystal
The only real difference between Basic Mars and Crystal is the collar. The collar has 3 mini stripes instead of a single stripe. I also did the 6 point star earrings for the Crystal versions as well. This is again my interchangeable fuku so the bodysuit is the same one I use for all my scout costumes (except Pluto and Saturn.) I still want to find a deeper purple to remake the bow as well.
Photos by IcePhoenix
Costume made/worn by :iconammiechan:
I usually neglect my journal, but I promised myself I wouldn' here we go, I'm writing a new entry within a two month time frame!

Costume Sale:
I still have various costumes for sale from the list I had posted on the Nominoichi forum. Some have sold, but I still have quite a few remaining, as well, I may have more to add to that list. 
Now that I have tested out my swappable fuku's for Sailor Moon costuming, it means I can start slowly selling off some of my original Sailor scout fuku's. As I slowly get the new scout costumes underway I will be posting more of my original fuku's for sale. This will be mainly basic fuku's (Sailors Mars, Venus, Mercury etc.) 
The only eternal's I have for sale are eternal Jupiter (size XSmall) and eternal Neptune (size medium.)
If you are interested in buying a costume from me please send me a note on here, comment below or if you are not a registered member you can email my cosplay account at:

I am also going to be writing up and providing photos for a massive Sailor Moon fuku tutorial. I figure it's about time as I am asked about my Sailor Moon costumes constantly. I do sell the pattern I use to make my own Sailor Moon costumes and this tutorial will be the instructions on how to put it together.

Convention Plans:
In news of conventions and plans for this summer, I was hoping to go to ConBravo for at least a day, but this heavily depends on my friends and if they are able to go. I have never been to ConBravo and this is its fifth year running. I have a few friends on staff for that con, and I have really wanted to check it out since the beginning, but still have not T_T.
The next con I will be attending is at the beginning of August (1-3) in Kitchener called Emiko's Mini Convention. I am actually their cosplay guest of honor and I will be assisting in judging the masquerade as well as have my own table where I will be selling some of my older costumes, figures and prints of my costumes. If you can make it out to Emiko's Mini Con in Kitchener please drop by and say hi!
Lastly, the final con of the summer is going to be Fanexpo...yes, I will be going back to that con after a 2 year absence. Jay has mentioned he wants to meet Adam West so we will be going for 1 day only. Fanexpo has become far too expensive for costumers to attend due to the ticket cost, hotel and parking. The weekend alone would cost me nearly a thousand dollars to go and I can't justify that for a convention that is over crowded. I'm still not sure of what day we will be going, but it's most likely going to be the Saturday.

I am hoping to attend another con in late September called Jemcon. It's the first time Jemcon will be in Canada and I am a huge Jem and the Holograms fan! I am hoping to go for at least a day with my best friend, Dee, who is also a Jem fanatic. I have a huge selection of Jem costumes to choose from such as Jem (Classic, Like a Dream, Star Bright, Broadway Magic, and Glitter N' Gold) or Carmen "Raya" Alonzo and Sheila "Jetta" Burns. 

I have been slowly working on getting a lot of my costumes photographed over the summer so please check back often. I have quite a few costumes that still need to be photographed and I am working to get most of them done this year.

My next journal probably won't be until the autumn or late summer with my plans for later this year. 
I also plan on opening up a Storenvy shop to list the costumes I am selling as well as some figures and plushies. The shop name is Ammie's Shop. 
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Hey! My name is Amber but my online handle is Ammie/AmmieChan/AmmieCosplay. I have been cosplaying since 2006; I began sewing in 2002. I am a masters level cosplayer and occasionally judge Masquerades for conventions. I design and create costumes for theater productions in my hometown. Before discovering my passion to sew I would draw and paint movie posters, portraits and cartoons. I like to include my artistic talent into my sewing projects. I take commissions every now and again just to get the sewing bug out of my system XD I enjoy meeting new people and cosplaying with fellow cosplayers XD
I love to lend a helping hand to fellow cosplayers whether they are novice or masters and answer every construction inquiry I receive.
I love gaming and enjoy horror survival style games.

Please do NOT take any photos of mine and post on other sites or blogs!!! Ask permission first please!!

Need to contact me and don't have an account? Email me at:

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I mainly cosplay Sailor Moon characters, Resident Evil and Harley Quinn XD
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