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Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay Teaser Image by AmmieChan
Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay Teaser Image
So to take advantage of the minimal snow we got here I decided to go out and get some shots of my Rey costume from Star Wars the Force Awakens. More photos of this will be coming soon! These photos were taken during the day. I edited them to create the snowfall and night look. Thanks to NintendoQuestJay for coming out to join in the fun in his Kylo Ren cosplay.
A big thanks to Stephie, :iconnodrodge: and Elicia for helping out behind the scenes. A very big thanks to IcePhoenix for his beautiful photography!
Rey costume made worn by- :iconammiechan:
Kylo Ren- NintendoQuestJay
Photographer- IcePhoenix
Five Nights at Freddy's Cosplay Preview by AmmieChan
Five Nights at Freddy's Cosplay Preview
Well, here's a preview of my surprise Halloween costume from this year. I decided to raise the bar with my skills and take the plunge in learning mascot style costume. This is the FIRST mascot costume I have ever made. All I did was read a couple tutorials and then went from there. The photos are just a sneak peak and I hope to have some great photos by my friend Mike done very shortly of this costume. I worked very hard on this on and off for the whole month of October. The eyes are "follow me" eyes and can be switched out for glowing eyes as well. 
The hat is held on by magnets so it can be removed for storage and photos.
I played around with some images in Photoshop to make it appear like security camera images, stage spotlights and the title screen. 

I really enjoyed watching :iconmarkiplier: play through the game and got hooked on it after watching his let's play video. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch him play on his Youtube channel, it's hilarious!

If I get enough requests, views and fave's I will write a tutorial on how to make this style mascot head (using Foxy's head as that is my next projected FNAF costume.) It would be a fairly lengthy tutorial, so I would only make it with enough requests. It would take me a long time to document the entire process!
Thanks to :iconnodrodge: for some quick photos of this costume!
Mara Jade Cosplay Preview by AmmieChan
Mara Jade Cosplay Preview
I got an impromptu shoot with :iconrocknamlee: after we spotted an interesting location near my place that looked very Star Wars like. When he mentioned about shooting there I knew I had to have a Star Wars costume ready. I already had a Tatooine Padme Naberrie costume, but Mara Jade was a costume I've always wanted to make. Mike also mentioned he wanted a lightsaber for the dusk shots if it was going to be Star Wars; so it was settled that Mara was the right costume for the shoot.
For those of you who are unsure of who Mara Jade is, she was a character from Expanded Universe. She later became the wife of Luke Skywalker. She was probably the most popular EU character..that is until Disney dismissed EU a couple years now the character no longer exists...unless she makes an appearance in the movie. We will have to wait and see.
We caught the sun right at the correct time for the golden hue photos. This was taken a in a small sand dune in some low lands off a hiking trail. 
I invited my friend :iconnodrodge: out for some pics since he has movie grade Shadow Trooper armor so we were able to get a very cool Star Wars shoot going.
This is just a preview of the shoot. I have about 15 more photos from the set. These were among some of my favorites!
Had to post these in light of the new Star Wars movie coming out!
I can't stress enough how much I LOVE how these photos turned out! So many people have told me they look like movie stills! Thanks so much Mike for being awesome!

Photos by :iconrocknamlee:
Shadow Trooper :iconnodrodge:
Mara Jade :iconammiechan:
SteamPunk Collage V.2 by AmmieChan
SteamPunk Collage V.2
Yet again, another Steampunk creation of my own design. This costume was another "use as much scraps I already had on hand as possible" to make. I went with more rustic, antique colors this time around; almost more of a traditional Steampunk theme. 
The wig is one of Arda's, their seasonal Autumn Forest style. 
This was an impromptu shoot done with none other than the great :iconrocknamlee: 
Costume design/made/worn by :iconammiechan:
More individual shots of this costume and a detailed write up on how I made it can be found on my American Cosplay Paradise account (Ammie) or my account (Ammie)
Sailor Venus Cosplay Collage by AmmieChan
Sailor Venus Cosplay Collage
My last set of Sailor Venus photos (until I get the eternal version photographed!) I really like that twirl photo IcePhoenix captured in the lower right corner!
The wig is a New Look Alicia XXl in 24b/613.
I also made the Artemis plush too to go along with my Sailor V costume.

Costume made/worn by: :iconammiechan: 
Photos by IcePhoenix
I just wanted to thank everyone for the feedback on whether or not I should create a Twitter account for preview shots of costumes. I did indeed make an account, so if you wish to follow me I'm @AmmieDesigns 
I will be uploading WIP, teaser shots and never before seen costumes that I will be photographing in the next few months. If you're interested in seeing what costumes I will be uploading next on here, go ahead and check it out! I will also be uploading commission shots of completed projects. So if you have a commission pending from me, you can see what it looks like via Twitter.

My last minute event is International Sailor Moon Day Toronto. I am the cosplay guest of honor! Thanks to the organizers for wanting to invite me to this event. As everyone knows I am a major Sailor Moon fan and I have actually cosplayed every Sailor Senshi at this point. I will be running at least 2 workshops there for Sailor Moon costume construction. They have a poll on their Facebook page asking attendees which workshops they would prefer.
I am still up in the air about which costume I should wear, but I think it's down to either Sailor Neptune or Emerald.

I will still be at London Comic Con, but only for Friday and Saturday. I have a split workshop I will be running Saturday morning at 10:30am on leather mask forming followed by Sailor Moon bow tutorials. The Sunday I am off the Sailor Moon event.

I did attend Fanexpo Toronto for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) and despite it being super packed, I actually did have a good time. I was part of a Bioshock Infinite group on Saturday and I am just awaiting the photos. I got a lot of compliments on my Elizabeth dress, I'd like to thank everyone for the lovely comments on the dress! I also wore Black Widow on Sunday.
The only guest I went to go meet was Robin Lord Taylor. I brought photos on my phone of my Gotham Penguin cosplay to show him and he was beyond impressed by it! He told me it was the best cosplay he had ever seen, and not just because it was of him. He was very impressed with the attention to detail and care that went into it and said he was honored and flattered. I feel like that was the final stamp of approval on that costume effort. The Penguin costume was one I was really nervous to do since I don't look a thing like the character. I did gain the skill level to work with prosthetic makeup and that will come in handy in future costumes, as I have a classic Joker cosplay planned for the near future!

I did finally finish my Sailor Moon costume tutorial and I will be uploading it on here very soon. It's a very in depth and lengthy tutorial containing about 20 pages of photos and a walk through on how I make the fuku's. 
Keep a look out for that if you're interested on how I make a Sailor Moon costume from start to finish!

Till next time!
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Hey! My name is Amber but my online handle is Ammie/AmmieChan/AmmieCosplay. I have been cosplaying since 2006; I began sewing in 2002. I am a masters level cosplayer and occasionally judge Masquerades for conventions. I design and create costumes for theater productions in my hometown. Before discovering my passion to sew I would draw and paint movie posters, portraits and cartoons. I like to include my artistic talent into my sewing projects. I take commissions every now and again just to get the sewing bug out of my system XD I enjoy meeting new people and cosplaying with fellow cosplayers XD
I love to lend a helping hand to fellow cosplayers whether they are novice or masters and answer every construction inquiry I receive.
I love gaming and enjoy horror survival style games.

Please do NOT take any photos of mine and post on other sites or blogs!!! Ask permission first please!!

Need to contact me and don't have an account? Email me at:

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