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Well Anime North is done and over with for another year. Despite the fact a cold front went through right before the con weekend and it was cold as heck out, the con was overall pretty fun. I did freeze in most of my costumes that I brought (AN is typically very warm every year so summer costumes are generally a must!).

On Friday night I was one of the panelists for the Resident Evil panel along with Straywind, ReJect001,and the InterNat. We ran into a few surprises right before the con, the surprise being we had a "special guest" panelist. That guest ended up being Ray Olubowale. Ray played the Executioner aka the Axeman in the Resident Evil movies (Afterlife and Retribution). Ray is also a heavyweight boxing champion for Canada. He stood about 6"8 and was a really nice guy to chat with. He told us stories of how he got the role and what it was like to get into costume. He also told us what it was like to work with the actors on set and do stunts. He said he would come back next year to tell us about the 6th movie that is due out in late 2014. He will be reprising his role as the Axeman for the sixth installment of the movie franchise.

As for costumes that were worn to Anime North 2013 my list is as follows:
Super Sailor Mars-Sailor Moon
Ada Wong- Resident Evil 6 (for the Resident Evil Panel)

Wicked Lady- Sailor Moon R
Harley Quinn- Harley Quinn's Revenge (Batman Arkham City)

Claire Redfield- Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles (Memory of a lost City)

I did mange to get a couple shots of Wicked Lady. My wig is in need of repairs though. It took some damage during transportation. Our car was packed and some of the wig fibers were coming out of place. The curls at the sides were also falling out O_o. I didn't wear Wicked Lady too long, only about an hour and a half. The red contacts started irritating my eye. I'm hoping to get a re-shoot of it very soon. Private shoots tend to turn out better in the long run I find.

I got no photos of my Super Mars costume T_T I'm hoping to get a shoot of that one as well. This fuku style is a lot different then what I normally make. Instead of using satin I used cotton. The skirt is also hand pleated to look more like the super style (a lot like my Super Moon costume).

Ada I didn't get any photos done either. The only thing that has changed about the costume is my harness. This time I have a real leather one that Jay made me. Other then that, it's all the same.

Harley's Revenge is the only costume I got an organized photo shoot done of. I am just waiting on those photos from Rock Nam Lee. He has shot my other 2 Harley costumes and those photos turned out amazing! I am excited to see the results of this new Harley shoot!

Claire I got some shots of at the Cosplay for a Cure booth on Sunday. You can donate any amount you like to them and they will give you a shoot. The most important thing about this shoot is the money that is given goes to breast cancer research. Every little bit helps towards this and I highly encourage people to donate any amount of money towards it.
The photos were taken by Elemental.

As for more news I have some more costumes I need photographed and hope to get those shots during the summer.
Some of those costumes include:

TX- Terminator 3
Alice- Alice Madness Returns
Claire Redfield- Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles (Game of Oblivion)
Molly- Walking Dead TellTale Game
Tina Armstrong - Dead or Alive 4/5 (Red Rockstar)
Super Sailor Mars- Sailor Moon
Wicked Lady- Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon- Sailor Moon

This is just to name off a few. I have a giant backlog of costumes that are in need of photos it's beyond overwhelming T_T. There are also costumes I want re-shoots done for as well such as Poison Ivy, Diao Chan etc.
I am looking for local photographers if anyone is interested in photographing cosplay. Just send me a note or leave a comment below. I normally depend on IcePhoenix but he is often very busy with his job and doesn't have a lot of time to photograph everything I have. He is a great photographer and I highly recommend him if you are looking for photos during a con event.

In other news with costumes I am buying my first cosplay costume from a company called ANOVOS. They have replica's of Star Trek uniforms mainly. I have ordered a Science division dress from the new Star Trek Movie: Star Trek Into Darkness. I have always loved the new design uniforms from the JJ Abrams reboot. I made one back in 09 before the movie was released but it's not very accurate. The new uniforms actually have the delta print screen printed into the fabric. In order for me to do that to some fabric it would cost me about $200+. The replica's cost around that price so I might as well splurge on the replica. I should be receiving my dress sometime in June. I hope to get photos of that as well in my summer line up.

My last thing I want to mention is I am in the process of opening up a Storenvy store front. It hasn't gone live yet as I am still updating it and designing it. I will be selling some of my older costumes on there as well as wigs and figures from my collection. It's somewhat of an online garage sale that I can pass my costumes and accessories onto other people who will use them more then I will. I get several PM's on every site I am on about selling specific costumes from my collection. If I am selling them they will be on my Storenvy. When my shop goes live it will be called: Ammie's Shop. Please stop by and have a look. I try to price things as fair as possible.
I will also be creating random Steampunk designs in the very near future to sell up there. I need to clear out a lot of fabric from my storage and this is how I will be doing so! If you have any designs or ideas for a Steampunk dress, corset or outfit this isn't limited to only females. I make male uniforms as well) please drop me a line and I can make custom designs with fabric I have on hand.

I realize I am really bad at updating my journal. I will try to be more active with it from now on lol.


AmmieChan's Profile Picture
Hey! My name is Amber but my online handle is Ammie. I have been cosplaying since 2006. I began sewing in 2002. Before discovering my passion to sew I would draw and paint movie posters, portraits and cartoons. I like to include my artistic talent into my sewing projects. I take commissions every now and again just to get the sewing bug out of my system XD I enjoy meeting new people and cosplaying with fellow cosplayers XD
I love gaming and enjoy horror survival style games.

Do NOT take any photos of mine and post on other sites or blogs!!! Ask permission first please!!

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satsuyurami Aug 28, 2013  Student Photographer
Ammie, do you like Gothic Lolita and Lolita? :meow:
Yup, I admire those designs quite a bit :)
satsuyurami Aug 4, 2013  Student Photographer
Good News, new sailor moon anime stream worldwide this winter ! *A*

joanneong Jul 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I love ur cosplays :D~~~ <3 
Thank you!!!! :D
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